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Blockchain for Good : Inspire Citizens

Getting inspired is step #1 for citizens take action. This is why MakeSense organised the first event in Europe around the social impact of the Blockchain technology, featuring 3 social...

Article 21 septembre 2017

MakeSense teams up with Cisco in France on Internet of everything to innovate for the Global Goals

How could we use the internet of things & sensors to solve the global goals? Since 3 years MakeSense have been teaming up with Cisco in France to encourage engineers...

Article 20 juillet 2017

Le programme Future Of Waste

You can find the english version here En 2014, SUEZ et MakeSense se sont associés pour lancer un programme innovant de mobilisation citoyenne autour de la gestion des déchets qui puisse...

Article 21 janvier 2017